Love & Style a winning couple

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LOVE! A feeling that we all express but in very different ways. Come to think of it, is there a particular way we can communicate it better? What if this language included or related to clothes and accessories, our gestures and attitudes?

Helping clients discover the promising potential of love through what they wear, their accessories and attitudes is Author Rhodie Lamour’s mission. She’s an image consultant, and this book is a reissue of Amour et Style: un couple gagnant andAmor y Estilo: una pareja ganadora, in French and Spanish, respectively.  With her rich experience all over the world, Rhodie has successfully guided people in building unique and coherent images, offering her consulting assistance and supporting them in their choice of clothing and accessories for all occasions.

In reading these pages, couples will learn to more positively show their love for one another through their appearance, their respect, support and appreciation for each other and for the relationship.  Showing one’s love is not just about giving gifts.

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